1 Oct 2019

Social Media in the AV World

Welcome to our first blog post! We will be putting out new content every first week each month, so keep checking back for new topics. Recently, it has become even more of a priority to increase our presence online… which leads to the topic of this first post: the importance of social media within the industry.

Brand awareness is arguably the most important aspect of not just being on social media, but being ACTIVE on social media. To open accounts, direct traffic to them, but then leave them idle is very possibly worse than having no social media presence at all.

Particularly in the AV industry, being able to share unique projects or show photos and to represent the different types of venues in which you work all directly illustrate your brand. You never know what eyes are on your page, and whether it’s a potential customer or industry peers, building that consistent image of quality speaks volumes to your credibility.

If we’re cutting directly to ROI and how being active on social media translates into additional revenue for your business, let’s talk about leads! What better source for prospecting than searching hashtags, locations and potential customer accounts for events that you’d like to get in on. You never know who has an increasing need for AV, or who may already have a relationship with an AV partner but it has been less than ideal. As we already mentioned, engagement is key… so when looking for new business a great place to start would be the comments section of a targeted post/account, or even a DM!

Lastly, communication and media consumption have changed drastically in the past decade. If your company isn’t willing to keep up, it is sure to get stuck in the past and left behind. Today’s consumers are more visually driven, and unfortunately it seems that since communication in general is more impersonal, it is crucial that people can easily reach you. If your company can’t be found on a quick Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn search, there’s a very good chance it won’t get found at all. And of course, worth repeating, it is most important to keep your accounts fresh, up to date and to engage with followers! Even though we’re into October now, no one likes to feel ghosted…

Thanks for reading!