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Virtual livestream for YWCA. Run of show included a live 6-person panel and many public officials as presenters. We broadcast this to Youtube and Facebook as well as embedding the stream into the client's website.

Live stream

Live video streaming and webcasting are critical tools to stay in touch with your employees and community. We deliver professional grade Audio/Video live streaming including graphics and set design. REMOTE and STUDIO Live Stream options.

HD Video

We capture and present your content using the latest high definition video technology. A high definition signal flow from beginning to end relays a clear and precise view of your content and presenters to your audience.


Our audio engineers create audio solutions tailored to your specific event, audience size and venue. Our experienced approach to sound reinforcement ensures that your message is audible from anywhere in the conference room or arena.


Media Stage’s lighting designers tastefully develop unique lighting plots for your event. A well-lit venue and your audience’s ability to see presenters clearly is crucial to the event’s overall mood, and to the audience’s interpretation of your message.

This General Session consisted of 3 LED Walls with two Projection Screens on the back of the stage, this gave depth to the Stage Design. The Stage Lighting was programed to interact with the Video Content by mimicking the colors.

3 LED Walls with two projection screens on the back of the stage gave depth to the stage design. The stage lighting was programmed to interact with the video content by mimicking the colors allowing the imagery to envelop the audience and create a more experiential event for the audience.


Our technicians are highly skilled in programming custom LED installations. We own a large inventory of LED panels that allow versatile configurations for creative visual and lighting design.


From single-screen projection to widescreen multi-projector blends, Media Stage’s high resolution display specialist can present your content just as you envision. Whether you’d like your image displayed across the length of the stage or even the entire venue, we can accommodate your vision.

Scenic Design

Media Stage’s in-house scenic shop designs and constructs staging and scenic elements that take the look of your function to the next level.


Projection mapping is the art of mapping a projected image to 2D or 3D form. Through projection mapping, our creative team can convert any 3D object or architecture into a form-fitted projection canvas. Display your custom content on buildings, foam core shapes, automobiles or just about anything else you can imagine.