Consider three factors: staff, equipment and experience.

Event Planner

We understand that as an Event Planner, you are managing any and all aspects of your event. This includes detailed preparation for catering, talent booking and transportation in addition to a million other critical details. It is our mission at Media Stage to make the Audio Visual portion of your occasion the least of your worries. We accomplish this by providing top-of-the-line gear, a professional crew and years of experience.


As a Producer, you expect every piece of equipment to be state-of-the-art and in perfect working order upon arrival. We deliver just that! Prior to every show, each piece of equipment is reviewed and tested for quality control. You spent countless hours designing the set, creating the content and working out the staging, so it is our priority to ensure that your vision comes to life with flawless execution.


Media Stage is the Audio Visual company that can meet the demands of nearly any organization. Our staff of professional engineers, operators, designers and managers have decades of experience providing award-winning Audio Visual support for anything from simple, small holiday parties to the most complex fully-staged live events. We pride ourselves in our work and our long-running reputation within the industry speaks to just that.