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Setting the stage on South Beach!

For the second consecutive year, our team just wrapped production on the Visit Florida Encounter/Huddle show. This year, the multi-day event was held at Miami Beach Convention Center. We were on site for four full days between set/rig, tech checks, rehearsals and two show days.

We arrived on site at 7am on Saturday 2/3 to begin off-loading two trucks into the Expo Hall area. Our main task in this room was to rig a “jumbotron” that we created by flying four front projection screens on a square truss structure, with an outer truss structure holding the projectors and our full PA system.

We collaborated with the onsite rigging team to work from the ground up (literally) and got it in the air by that evening. The content displayed on the jumbotron was a countdown clock to keep track of appointment times for exhibitors, along with some sponsored video rolls. This content was also displayed on four 86” monitors positioned along the perimeter of the room.

Our next crew came in the following day to build General Session room upstairs that would be occupied by 800+ attendees for lunch on both show days. Our set-up in that room, Sunset Vista, was a standard two-screen design with presidential blue pipe and drape.

Our lighting crew up-lit the drape to change colors throughout the program and also built two lighting trees for stage wash. On the second day, we positioned two different gobo designs on the wall to support the logo of the entity promoting next year’s event. We also controlled a robotic PTZ camera from the back of the room for IMAG shots.

It was a very busy four days as our crew was spread out between the two areas, but a very successful show!