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Rolling one show into the next

From Orlando directly to Boca Raton, our team hit the road for back-to-back shows with very similar AV set-ups. Our staff did a great job in the pre-production process organizing the gear for the turnaround, working out all the packing and trucking logistics ahead of time down to the last detail.

The first show was a three-day production at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes in the Orlando area. We had a full day for set-up and rehearsals before the show kicked off with an opening reception in one of the outdoor terraces on the property. We provided video and audio support for this before moving into General Session the next day.

We set two main rear projection screens dressed with drape that we up-lit to give a blue to grey transition look. Our stage wash that rounded out our lighting complement as well as our PA were all ground supported.

Most of this gear was loaded right back onto the truck after strike to head south for another three-day production at The Boca Raton. Similarly, we again provided a small audio system for an opening dinner reception as well as a two-screen rear projection set dressed by a full drape line in the General Session.

The run of show consisted of primarily panel discussions, leadership remarks, interactive Q&A and live demos. Some of the demos required an extra SDI to HDMI run to the stage to support presenters’ personal devices, along with USB connection for audio output.

There’s plenty more where that come from as our crew has been split all over the country to cover multiple simultaneous shows! Check out our Instagram stories for all the daily behind-the-scenes: @mediastageinc.