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Our busy April continues in San Juan

We are very excited to have been so busy with six shows in Puerto Rico during the first quarter of the year! Business is definitely booming on the island as it has come back as a premiere destination for live events and corporate meetings. Our crew just wrapped a five-day production at the Fairmont San Juan. This was a robust set-up between a general session in the Grand Ballroom and eight different breakouts.

The highlight of our GS set was a 45’ x 10’ LED wall that was ground supported and set behind the center of the stage. This was built using 162 tiles and programmed by a combination of three different processors. For additional video support, we also provided downstage monitors, all graphics and playback machines, a 70” display monitor, and supported a remote feed out to the lobby.

Our wireless mic complement consisted of a combo pack of 10 handhelds and lavs. The signal fed into a PA system comprised of six compact line-array speakers to amplify the sound evenly around the ballroom. We also supported sound from the lectern with walk-up music during the main sessions as well as an awards gala.

Lighting was rigged for general stage wash; we also affixed movers onto the truss to amp up the awards. There was an outdoor welcome reception on the first night of the event for which we installed wireless up-lights around the area to create a lively ambience.

The eight breakouts were relatively simple, each enlisting a 75” display monitor for individual presentations.

Please reach out to us at info@mediastage.com if you have any upcoming shows in Puerto Rico!