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Girl Hold My Hand!

Woman sitting at conference room with pink lights

If Coach Stormy Wellington can’t energize a ballroom full of attendees… then no one can! This past weekend our production crew worked “Girl Hold My Hand: The Awakening” hybrid event at Hilton Miami Downtown. The two-day event featured moving demonstrations, workshops and motivations for 250 #girlbosses looking to tap into not only their business goals, but their personal relationships as well.

Woman speaking on stage

Stormy was joined by a dynamic lineup of presenters to address the audience on various life and entrepreneurial testimonies, all of which was done in a high-energy and interactive way. Not to be all “you had to be there,” but it’s truly difficult to put into words what the environment felt like in the room. It was nonstop!

As could very well be a sign of what the future of live events may look like, this hybrid event also showcased a virtual audience of over 2,000! They all viewed the event from a custom-branded site and navigated into Zoom breakouts for the individual portions of the show when they were directed to network and collaborate on all the workshops.

Our in-person set included a widescreen above the stage for video projection, and many times throughout the show, we featured the virtual audience onscreen so that the in-person audience could see them and, most importantly, so Stormy could interact with them.

Conference room with stage and screens

Other audio visual highlights in the room included: LED towers, pink and purple movers and up-lighting to create ambience, confetti cannons, custom gobos displayed on the walls and LOUD audio! Also in terms of audio, talent used a mix of countryman, lav and handheld mics depending on the show flow. The handheld mics came in handy for our live host and during multiple live Q&As with the audience. Shoutout to Porschea The Host: ooOOoo!

Conference room with pink lighting

We worked with event coordinator Martha Avila on this show, who did an incredible job planning the agenda and ensuring that it all came to life based on Stormy’s unique creative vision. As is always the case, the hard work for these types of events happens months in advance and we truly enjoyed collaborating with her on this one!

Thank you also to Stormy Wellington, Jon Rivera, Double X and Kevin Tobe! Can’t wait until the next one!!

Empty conference room with pink lighting, tables and screens