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F1 frenzy takes over South Florida

May started off with Formula 1 coming to Hard Rock Stadium, drawing in spectators from all over the world! Media Stage partnered up with Veteran Media Group to produce one of the pre-race events at the exclusive La Mar restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

We did a site visit prior to the show to determine load-in and out logistics, given some of the restraints of the property’s remote access on the other side of a bridge. We determined that it would be a two-day production between set/show and strike and that we would stage our gear for pick-up the following day.

Our audio department brought in a complement of speakers, wireless mics and DJ equipment to build a sound package to cover the outdoor area of the restaurant. We also provided a small, carpeted stage for presentations/announcements and some lighting trees to wash the stage.

On the outside of the building where guests would be entering, we positioned some fixtures equipped with gobo holders so we could hit the walls with custom gobos provided by the client with their branding. It was important to remember to include some of the additional support required for the outdoor show including extra consumables, sandbags, a small generator, etc.

The run of show was very lively and upbeat to go along with the energetic Miami nightlife vibe to get everyone amped up for the big race that would be held a couple days later. With F1’s growing popularity, especially down here in South Florida, we are excited to continue working in that arena for years to come!