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A month of Miami meetings

For the second time this year, our crew was back at Miami Beach Convention Center. In addition to all our travels during Q1, we’ve also had plenty of shows locally in various parts of Miami to keep us busy as well!

One of the most recent was a corporate finance meeting for which we were able to add some eye-catching visuals and set pieces for the General Session. We positioned an LED wall directly behind the center of the stage with scenic white cyc structures on each side which we up-lit throughout the show with varying ombre color schemes. Our scenic team installed black carpet onto the stage surface instead of traditional grey to pop a bit more.

We flew additional stage wash fixtures and movers and positioned our sound system around the room (ground supported). It was a relatively small meeting, though with very high-level subject matter so it was important to implement some of our higher upgrades when it came to gear.

Since MBCC is a union property, we worked in conjunction with the in-house IATSE 500 labor to set and rehearse two days prior, and of course to both execute and strike on the designated show day. We had video world built backstage with our camera op, A1, L1, PM and TD all positioned at FOH.

The run of show was primarily presentation-based with some video rolls scattered throughout. The close of the show was an awards session which was comprised of pre-recorded videos that we played out in real time to announce the winners and allow them to come on stage for a photo opportunity.

We’ll be detailing some of our other local shows in upcoming blogs, so be on the lookout for those!