19 Oct 2016

NBA MVP Launches Signature Watch……Media Stage with the assist~!

Media Stage worked in collaboration with NYC based Production Glue and Havas Luxe Events Worldwide, providing Audio Systems and High Definition Video Projection on the 7th floor of Iconic Miami Beach Parking Facility / Event Venue 1111 Lincoln Road. The occasion? The Launch of a Luxury Watch designed by 2013 NBA MVP, Lebron James. Press and Media outlets from around the world were present to capture the event…


The Miami Heat’s star forward made a grand entrance in a silver Ferrari with a multiple cue LIVE/VIDEO SCREEN interaction that proved a crowd pleaser for an elite audience, including a real-time-on-screen-to-live-stage pass of a basketball from Watchmaker Audemars Piguet’s CEO from center screen to Mr James, stage left.



Cue to Cue ….to Cue…


…Media Stage is on point, every time.



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