19 Oct 2016

Media Stage delivers the WORLD to Dell LatAm Summit 2014

At the JW Marriot Marquis Downtown Miami Aug 18-22 Media Stage successfully executed the Dell LatAm 2014 conference…our third year in a row on behalf of Forums Inc.


We raised the bar for the client this year with custom curved 16’ x 9’ scenic screen surrounds with circular cutways in 8oz gray super velour, rear projected with stacked Barco w12s and a show stopping  center scenic ‘disc’ that that we designed in house to continually morph with 3D mapping transitions via Barco W8 and Arena software.

Audio was a Meyer UPA 1P ground supported system for 300 people, Lighting a series of Led moving head fixtures, Mac 700s and Color Kinetics Color Blasts.  Keynote Speaker was TennisStar Rafel Nadal’s coach and father Toni Nadal.


From the classic Dell logo to a clock countdown to a stunning HD rotation of the Planet Earth, attendees were fully engaged in the program and the client was thrilled stating “we do events all over the world, Media Stage is the best we’ve worked with by far…”


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