19 Oct 2016

Media Stage 1990-2015: Celebrating 25 years LIVE & WORLDWIDE!

Phew! The last 6 months have been among the busiest the hard workin’ guys and gals at Media Stage have seen in the company’s now highly successful 25 Year History! Season 2014-2015 has seen such diverse clients staged as bio-medical giants Biomerieux in Cancun to German firm Qiagen’s US Annual at the JW Marriot in downtown Chicago… and back home for the Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Take Charge Foundation among many more. Previously to the new year, Viacom also returned to stage VH1’s Scope Music + Art event on south beach.

BMX FElix 1

Biomerieux Cancun January 2015

BMX Felix 4

Watch this space for more exciting news updates celebrating Media Stage’s humble beginnings in 1990 through to the present as one of the region’s premier production staging and state of the art audio visual providers!

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QIagen Chicago felix 1

Qiagen In The Round Chicago February 2015

Qiagen Chicago Felix 3

Battioke Felix 3

Miami Heat’s Shane Battier Take Charge Foundation “Battioke” March 2015

Battioke Felix 1

VH1 Scope 2

Rewinding to  Viacom VH1 Scope Art Music Showcase South Beach Dec 2014

VH1 Scope 1

STAY TUNED for the NEXT installment in a series of Media Stage Inc 25 Year Celebrations, Staff Tributes, State Of The Art Equipment Upgrades & MORE…

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