9 Jul 2020

Live from the Media Stage Command Center…!

On July 2nd, Media Stage provided the technical support for the Unity Rally Against Racism in partnership with LULAC and the NAACP. The two-hour virtual show featured speeches, poems, music and calls to action from several key community champions.

Among those who participated were 3-time Super Bowl champion Emmitt Smith, comedian George Lopez and Dallas-area radio host Jazze Maxie who did a phenomenal job moderating.

Wilson Alers, Owner & CEO of Media Stage, directed from the Media Stage Command Center with Director of Operations, Michael Herman, TD-ing the show. The preparation extended over two weeks and the crew went through two full days of rehearsals in advance of going live.

During the show, Maxie took cues remotely from Herman and from there ad-libbed and introduced the next guests and presenters. The signals from the live feeds were fed into our control room and any pre-recorded content was loaded ahead of time and cued based on the run of show. We also provided records of the event for later viewing.

Social distancing and COVID-19 safety regulations were closely followed throughout production, with all of our crew remaining at least six feet apart and wearing masks for the duration of the show.

The task to illustrate this subject matter was not taken lightly, given how relevant it is amidst current events. All involved did a great job of relaying heartfelt messages of unity, healing and justice. We are already excited for the next opportunity!