22 Apr 2020

Lights, Camera, Action…

Media Stage is putting our onsite studio to use! Though our staff has been working from home for over a month now, a limited number of our crew held a video shoot last week while following all necessary safety precautions. The purpose of the one-day shoot was to showcase the value of a professional live stream as opposed to a makeshift remote studio equipped with nothing other than a phone or tablet. It was dually important to deliver an uplifting message to our colleagues and associates amidst these challenging circumstances.

It took five crew members to film this: one video engineer, one lighting designer, one audio A-1 and two hosts. The technicians wore face masks and gloves, and all involved made sure they kept at least six feet of distance between them.

After coming up with the concept for the shoot, we worked together to compose and finalize a script. We ran teleprompter and positioned a PVW/PGM monitor to assist our hosts in smoothly relaying the message. The visual aspect of filming was up to our usual high standards of pristine front- and back- lighting. One of our regularly used Shure wireless kits, including lavalier mics for the hosts, ensured that audio levels were where they needed to be and that everything sounded crystal clear.

It was a nice opportunity to get back to doing what we love for the time being (albeit on a small scale!) and we are excited to share the final product with you. The video is still in the editing phase, but we will be posting it here on our website very soon. STAY TUNED!