14 Apr 2020

Global Meetings Industry Day to be observed virtually

One date every year in Early Spring is recognized as Global Meetings Industry Day, typically during which Events Industry professionals and peers gather in person at a large summit. It serves as a day to celebrate various accomplishments over the past year and to also brainstorm about what new innovations and meeting planning ideas are on the horizon for the future.

This year, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and to keep in line with social distancing requirements, MPI (Meeting Professionals International) is hosting a 12-hour virtual event with different topics slated on an hourly schedule: http://www.mpi.org/events/gmid20.

Meetings Mean Business, the organization who founded GMDI, has announced that the in-person event has not been cancelled but rather postponed. The hope is that attendees can still congregate in person at a later date, possibly at IMEX in the fall.

In addition to MPI’s online event, Meetings Means Business is also hosting a virtual 90-minute webcast. The goal of this live broadcast is to break the world record for the largest virtual meeting in history, so they are encouraging as many industry professionals as possible to attend. Event planners, suppliers and vendors are also encouraged to carry out acts of kindness within their own communities – doing so safely – and submitting a recap on their website: www.meetingsmeanbusiness.com.

Media Stage is an active MPI member and employee Patrick Brochu serves as President of the MPI South Florida Chapter. “Even though the circumstances are not ideal, it is great that we can still find a way to recognize achievements and exciting advances within our industry as we normally would on this day,” Brochu says. “Whether it is a live stream, a webcast or a virtual meeting, it is still so important that we stay connected in these trying times.”