21 Jul 2021

From the pool to the penthouse

Our team recently worked a series of private special events that spanned two days and three venues in Miami Beach. Alongside En Route, our team provided AV support and special effects at E11Even Estate, Setai Penthouse and Soho House.

First on the agenda was E11Even estate: we set early in the morning for a daytime pool party that was attended by some elite local guests. We worked in conjunction with Catering during load-in which we started at 7am. There was a specific driveway within the 10,700 square foot estate dedicated to service which is where we loaded in and out of.

We supplied a full outdoor audio complement with surround style speakers placed throughout the tennis court, pool deck and backyard for tropical-themed music to set a relaxing but upbeat ambience for the party.

We also provided our white news-style desk and gear for the DJ set-up. En Route wrapped the front of the desk with their event branding and positioned it in the midst of decorative tropical foliage.

The party lasted throughout the day, and then after a short time to give attendees an opportunity to take a quick break and get changed, we went straight into the night’s events.

This cocktail party was held at the Setai Penthouse where we had the opportunity to do some image mapping onto the physical building.

Once it was dark out, we provided LED strips and up-lighting to give some bright, neon “Miami” colors both at the entrance to the event and up in the penthouse.

The next morning we set up at Soho House for the final party on the agenda to wrap things up with a similar set-up, but more daytime oriented.

This was one of those events that flashed by in the blink of an eye! Our team was constantly moving and coordinating from one place to the next. We operated set/show/strike all same day for each; the party at Setai didn’t load out until 3am following strike. The party really doesn’t stop in Miami!

A big ‘Thank You’ to Janelle Boumel with Clear As Day for this awesome opportunity!