4 Dec 2019

Exploring 3D Holographic Telepresence

One of the most revolutionary current trends in the AV industry is the use of 3D Holographic Telepresence. Even though it is a concept that is much better experienced in real life than on paper, this month’s blog post is focused on the technology behind this visually extraordinary capability.

Some of the primary uses of holographic telepresence are live video conferencing, keynote speeches for corporate meetings, performances within the live entertainment world, product launches, educational purposes, etc. We’ve even learned that it is becoming common in funerals for pre-recorded eulogies.

The science behind it can be a bit complex. To simplify: the holograms are created by the projection of images onto film positioned at specific angles. The reflection from the film distributes the image corresponding to the angle from which the subject is viewing it. As that person moves around and views it from different perspectives, he or she will see a three dimensional image as if it were floating in thin air.

The obvious benefit of 3D Holographic Telepresence is that it’s extremely eye-catching and memorable for audiences of all types. It has the wow-factor that can set any presentation apart from regular video or projection onto a screen or surface.

Though the concept is gaining popularity, it can still be challenging to execute because of all the prep work that goes into it. Content must be pre-recorded to the exact specs taking lighting, room space, viewer perspective, etc., all into precise consideration.

One of the biggest factors to stress if considering using this service is to have professional assistance when generating the video content. If a customer comes in with video they have previously produced, it likely won’t be compatible off the bat. Video must be generated specifically for 3D holographic format, and that usually requires the additional configuration.

3D Holographic Telepresence is a service that we at Media Stage are proud to offer, and eager to get in front of more people! Feel free to message us if you’d like more information or would like to coordinate a live demo.

Photo credit: Carl Minardo