6 May 2020

Connection in isolation

Quarantining has probably brought to surface a variety of mixed emotions for many of us. On some days, it may be easy to stay optimistic and thankful for the extra time at home. Conversely, on some days it may be more difficult to keep a positive mindset as you miss out on social activities or events you were looking forward to.

One aspect of self-isolation that seems to be vitally important is the ability to still stay connected to others even though the “old” ways of interacting are not possible at the moment. Check out our suggestions on how to do so:

Virtual networking. There are a lot of virtual options available to stay in communication with your family, friends and peers – both in a personal or professional setting. Video happy hours are a great way to lift spirits (pun intended!) and reconnect, especially if you get creative and involve games or fun challenges. If you have a video game console, now might be the time to unleash your inner kid-at-heart and spring for that Online account!

Drive-in gatherings. We at Media Stage have done this twice since making the necessary transition to working from home. Both instances were to celebrate special milestones or achievements of some of our employees, but more than anything they were great opportunities to see each other and interact face to face… albeit from an appropriate distance.

Community involvement. Many organizations such as churches are holding food drives, delivering essential medical supplies to front line workers and providing a helping hand to those most vulnerable. Social media is a great tool to search for what’s happening in your community and learn about ways to get involved.

A sense of normalcy will eventually return and as we head into late Spring we’re starting to hear more about a light at the end of the tunnel. Until then, remember to stay safe and abide by all governmental regulations for social distancing. Our mental well-being should always be a top priority, and especially now in what can feel like an overwhelming and isolating situation, it is even more important to lean on each other and stay connected.