31 May 2022

Back in the Gables!

The Media Stage crew recently wrapped a three-day show at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, featuring a jam-packed agenda with AV in multiple active rooms.

There were two different load-ins spaced out over two days as we built the rooms in order of their events. In total, we provided AV in five different areas. There were a lot of moving pieces, specifically with audio gear. Some of our small PA systems (inclusive of a wireless mic complement and digital mixer) went back and forth between rooms that were active during the day and then into the rooms with show elements in the evening.

We loaded into two different docks based on the proximity to the ballrooms, both of which were street level. Our main general session was in Country Club Ballroom, which featured a carpeted stage, two 86” HD LCD monitors for presentations and IMAG, a full sound system, a lighting complement with stage wash and up-lights all positioned nicely in front of “presidential” looking blue drape.

Danielson Gallery was a more intimate setting for a breakfast and snack area and also in use for a book talk. As mentioned earlier, the PA from this room moved into Palme d’Or (which is a historic restaurant on the property) for ambience music and announcements during the evening receptions.

Our final main room was Alhambra Ballroom, which was used for panel discussions on the final show day. Our presenters were mic’d with lavaliers and we positioned monitors as display sources around the stage with blue drape, so the look and feel was similar to what attendees saw in Country Club Ballroom earlier.

This show definitely kept us on our toes with all the moving parts, but of course that is the nature of our business! It was definitely a treat to do so in such a beautiful property. Job well done to all involved!