7 Dec 2021

Ready for take-off!

To add to the list of different venue types our crew has worked in over the years, an airplane hangar was the site of one of our most recent shows. In partnership with R3 Aviation and the Greater Miami Aviation Association, we coordinated and set up all A/V elements for a Havana Nights-themed fundraiser on Saturday, November 6. If you’ve been following our blogs and social media, you’ll know this was not our only Havana Nights-themed event on this night!

Within the airplane hangar, we dressed a main center screen with pipe and drape that was up-lit with vibrant neons to showcase the theme. We used 4K rear projection to display sponsor loops and b-roll as visual background throughout the night.

We used gobos on the outside of the hangar to add an extra eye-catcher for attendees as they walked inside on a red carpet that led to a step-and-repeat for photo ops. These bright pink palm trees were a trendy preview of what the aesthetic looked like inside the hangar.

Some unique challenges with this show were around power and scheduling. Given that this was not normally used as an event space, we had to determine how to draw from only wall power to power our projectors, sound system, lighting, etc.

We also had to work around the hangar’s schedule, which for us meant set/show/strike all same day. Our first call was at 10am and we completed load-out at 2am. Thankfully and ironically, this event fell on the night of the daylight savings time change – so it was a perfect weekend to gain an hour after a full 16-hour day!

A big shout-out to Rebecca Longo and everyone at GMAA for all the hard work going in and for trusting us with this event!