27 Oct 2021

“Party Ready!” with CND

It’s that time of year… the holidays coming up could only mean one thing for nail enthusiasts: the next CND NAILATHON! We partnered with CND’s talented planners and nail professionals once again to produce the widely viewed virtual event for an audience of more than 5,000.

Our production team designed and built a custom set at Hilton Miami Downtown for our live talent to host the show from. We kept the usual aesthetic of glitz, glam and sparkle and completed the set with a polished, up-lit white scenic wall surrounded by foliage and complementary furniture pieces.

The highlight of the show that we broadcast live from this set was crowning the winner of NAILS Next Top Nail Artist Season 8. All three finalists spent the first hours of the show creating their final set of nails. After multiple live look-ins once time was up, CND co-founder Jan Arnold announced Emily Nash as this year’s champion in the closing ceremony! It was such an excitement moment, so we threw in (pun intended)?! some virtual confetti.

Of course, CND NAILATHON wouldn’t be complete without live virtual demos and education sessions. We featured many of CND’s prominent nail artists to showcase new holiday-themed looks using the upcoming season’s line of products. We’re consistently in awe of the designs these pros are able to create, and we’re sure the audience felt the same way.

We used live translation on the host site so that all of our viewers from around the globe could stream the event in their native language. The chat portion of the site was very active all the way through the 5+ hour event. Their education ambassadors kept engagement high with regular Q&A and giveaways throughout the show.

We are always thankful for our wonderful partnership with CND and extend a huge “congratulations” to all behind the scenes on another fabulous CND NAILATHON. We are definitely “party ready!”