3 Jan 2020

The Art of Projection Mapping

Why project onto a flat, white screen when you can project onto…anything else? We’re taking a dive into projection mapping for the first blog post of the decade! A timely topic for us here at Media Stage, following what our team put together for our holiday greeting this year […]

4 Dec 2019

Exploring 3D Holographic Telepresence

One of the most revolutionary current trends in the AV industry is the use of 3D Holographic Telepresence. Even though it is a concept that is much better experienced in real life than on paper, this month’s blog post is focused on the technology behind this visually extraordinary capability. […]

1 Nov 2019

Producing AV for Events, Sports and Concerts

While the end goal of each job is the same – a spectacular visual product and a happy client – working within different show categories can vary greatly in terms of logistics.
Media Stage has produced shows all over the live events spectrum for the past 30 years, and in doing so we have learned many similarities and differences between industries. This blog will focus specifically on corporate events, sports and concert settings. […]

1 Oct 2019

Social Media in the AV World

Welcome to our first blog post! We will be putting out new content every first week of each month, so keep checking back for new topics. Recently, it has become even more of a priority to increase our presence online… which leads to the topic of this first post: the importance of social media within the industry […]

19 Oct 2016

Marlins Park Summer Showcase 2015: Powered By Media Stage

As the preferred vendor for the Miami Marlins since 2010, the Media Stage crew was requested to create a special presentation for a showcase to over 200 Meeting Planners and Producers from Miami around the country at Marlins Park at the beginning of August… Media Stage designed, built and showcased the Marlins in style with a 22′ […]