6 Jan 2021

Media Stage teams up with Hilton Miami Downtown

Media Stage and Hilton Miami Downtown are excited to announce a new collaboration as we embark on 2021! Media Stage has recently been pursuing and producing virtual shows amidst the pandemic and temporary pivot away from traditional live events. Hilton Miami Downtown also saw the opportunity for a mindset shift and came up with a creative way to make use of their expansive ballrooms.

“This year has truly pushed our industry to be more creative in providing new meeting options for clients so they can continue to engage with their employees, partners and maintain relationships,” said Susy Vento, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hilton Miami Downtown. “Collaborating with Media Stage provides clients the level of quality, service and hospitality they expect from the Hilton brand. Whether a board meeting, annual conference or wedding, we look forward to creating meaningful and successful events for all.”

The production team at Media Stage has built three custom sets within Hilton’s Symphony Ballroom. Each set displays a specific aesthetic intended to be used in virtual events presenting a visually appealing backdrop with a professional feel while supporting media functionality.

One of the sets is branded as a “fire side chat” and features a simple, yet eye-catching lounge space would be ideal for a one-on-one or moderated conversation not requiring any media support. The second is showcased by three LCD monitors to display video content (from one or multiple sources) and a news-type presentation desk. The third set has the most capabilities as it utilizes an 8’ x 15’ high resolution LED wall that can display any type of media or be used as a green screen. The set also includes custom furniture and a lectern with an additional monitor built in.

The staff at both Hilton Miami Downtown and Media Stage are eager to highlight the new space to all. A cross-promoting marketing plan is underway for the New Year exposing how virtual and hybrid meetings can be accomplished seamlessly. 

“We are thrilled to team up with the Hilton Miami Downtown to offer something new and innovative in the world of live virtual shows,” said Larry Blocker, Vice President and General Manager of Media Stage. “This is an amazing opportunity to build on an already strong relationship and expand our offerings as a forward-thinking Audio Visual company.”

Hilton and Media Stage are offering personalized tours of the room sets for anyone interested in seeing them and participating in a more in-depth demonstration of how the technical functions could support specific branding or event concepts.

All safety, sanitation and social distancing regulations are being followed closely during in-person visits. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to contact Media Stage at info@mediastage.com or the Hilton Miami Downtown at MIADT_Sales@hilton.com. Please reach out with any questions and keep an eye out on social media for further updates!