23 Jun 2021

Let’s get ready to rumble!

South Florida has been home to Fight Night these past few weekends, providing Media Stage with the opportunity to work one of the pre-fight shows live from the beautiful new Hard Rock Guitar Hotel.

In advance of the “Youtubers vs Tiktokers” slate of fights headlined by the highly anticipated showdown between Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall, our team worked with the streaming host, LiveXLive, to produce a two-day live show. Both days were jam packed with interviews featuring all the fighters and some other notable guests who were in attendance.

We built a custom set atop the Daer Day/Night Club at the hotel, complete with a sports-style news desk (wrapped in LiveXLive branding), an outdoor lighting complement, a full audio package with on-stage speakers and wireless mics for talent and LED monitors to display marketing video loops.

Chelsea Briggs of Billboard did an amazing job hosting the segments and conducting the interviews. In addition to all the fighters on the card, Michael Buffer and Trey Songz also spent some time with us for special features throughout the show. Buffer later delivered his famous “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” call live from the ring at Hard Rock Stadium before the fights got started.

Our crew built the set and rehearsed the day prior with backstage and control set up in the Daer storage room. We positioned additional lounge furniture to stage a “pool party” scene for extras behind the set to give off some fun Miami vibes.

Flexibility was definitely a theme in this one! As opposed to having a set-in-stone run of show, we held specific time slots for a few of the main interviewees, but we also worked in flux as they became available throughout the two days to come by the set for their segment. We also dealt with the elements, as it started raining sideways during a live performance by rising star Stefano Benz (he is only 14 years old)! As soon as he finished singing, our crew hustled to cover all the exposed gear with tarps and move it further underneath the overhang.

A big thanks to Andy Vick and everyone from the LiveXLive and Innovative Marketing Group teams for your collaboration and partnership in this exciting production!