3 Mar 2020

How to Prepare and Produce AV for Outdoor Events

Media Stage has produced many outdoor events over the years across various destinations and from doing such, we have learned how to adapt to the challenges and nuances of dealing with the elements. We’ve been involved in concerts, art fairs, festivals, sporting events, aquatic events and much more – each category unique in its preparation. Check out our three tips here.

Consider additional permitting required. When producing audio visual in indoor venues, especially some of the hotels we work in frequently, the venue requirements don’t change a whole lot unless there is a special performance or effect brought in. When working outdoors, it’s important to be mindful of the host city’s regulations so as to avoid breaking any rules and possibly being fined.

Do the plotting and prep twice. Weather can be an obvious obstacle, particularly in Florida where the rain can come without notice and weather patterns are fickle. Let’s not even get started with hurricane season! This adds an extra layer of planning: one for the assumed outside event and one for a contingency plan in case of inclement weather. Always have tarps on hand to keep any gear dry. Personnel can get wet (and we have – see photos!) but gear must be carefully covered. Even if the primary event is indoors but there is a long push outside, additional protective supplies are a must.

Understand the location’s security and access points. Large outdoor events often come with road blockages, big crowds, increased traffic, etc. that must be considered ahead of time. It is critical that crew parking is communicated well in advance and gear transport load-in/load-out coordination must be very specific. Without the convenience of a loading dock, the crew has to allow additional time to accommodate street loads and to utilize the truck’s lift gate.

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