28 Mar 2022

FIDF live from The Diplomat

Amidst a very busy schedule of earlier this month, our crew produced the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces show at The Diplomat in Miami. It was a long single-day production between set, show and strike.

While it was somewhat of a typical ballroom AV set-up, we made great use of our lighting gear to make the room pop with ample looks of blue to set the tone for the evening. Other scenic enhancements included blue pipe and drape with up-lighting, a large HDTV three-screen set-up with multiple sources and routing and a camera complement for IMAG.

As this relates to audio, we also supplied a sound system that could seamlessly reach the more than 300 attendees around the room who were positioned at table rounds of 10. We provided 16 channels of wireless mics and wired lectern microphones for the presenters on stage.

Our A-1 conducted multiple sound checks during rehearsals to make sure levels were ideal even with the natural ambience of the room and parabolic ceiling above the chandeliers. Of course, a comms check was in order as well as we had our crew split between FOH and backstage.

Our HD Multiview monitors came in very handy for this show to ensure our TD was taking the right shots at the appropriate times. The run of show included some very powerful testimonials on stage, so we wanted to make sure we captured the emotions of the key moments.

We have been honored to be working with their organization since 2004 on more than 20 different events. Thank you to FIDF for the continued opportunity to collaborate on these productions!