20 Sep 2022

5th Annual Broward Mental Health Summit goes hybrid

For the first time since before the pandemic, the Broward Mental Health Summit welcomed in-person attendees back to the event! Media Stage produced this show for the third consecutive year which had been livestreamed only for the previous two. This year, for the 5th anniversary of the event, we were able to provide a hybrid production for both audiences.

The in-person show was held at Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines. There were about 300 attendees in the Great Hall and the virtual audience spanned well beyond the reach of Broward County as it was viewed by thousands across the country! Our set consisted of a clean white wall so that we could up-light it with different looks throughout the show.

We also dressed the set with custom furniture and greenery to give a polished feel for the many insightful panel discussions that happened on stage. Aside from the ambience lighting, we patched into the house lighting rig for general stage wash. We provided a PA system and wireless mic complement so presenters could be heard clearly from any spot in the room.

In addition to the panel discussions, the run of show was rounded out by sponsor loops, pre-produced video packages, keynote address and opening/closing remarks from the event chairs. We had a three-camera set-up with two in the back of the room and one positioned on stage to be able to switch between multiple live shots.

Congratulations to our wonderful partners Juan Arias, Beth Tache, Tracy Schuldiner and everyone else involved behind the scenes on another successful Summit! The work they put in every year is on a volunteer basis; we applaud them for their efforts on tactfully continuing the conversations around mental wellness.